Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gibbs Just Keeps Getting Better

Instead of backing off, like a sane man would do, Gibbs is doubling down on this "professional left" crap. Yet he's saying that "he fully expects liberals to vote".

Why, exactly? There's a big enthusiasm gap between liberals and conservatives, and it's only getting worse. Liberals aren't going to be cowed into either silence or support by the whole "vote for us or you'll get the Republicans" line, especially when the White House itself installed a center-right candidate in Arkansas that can't possibly win.

I honestly don't even understand the point of this. Attacking the left isn't going to shut them up. Hasn't before, won't now. It won't endear the government to the right, either; the right ain't gonna vote for you, no matter how many liberals you piss off. The press might say some nice things about you because of how much they despise your typical "DFH", but that fleeting support will be long-gone by the time the election rolls around. They'll be distracted by a new shiny, and the left will still be pissed.

What the hell happened to "no-drama Obama"?

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