Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bobo's Still Ridiculous

So, Bobo, was the younger, leftier you a better writer?

Because, damn, the old, conservative you just can't stop writing about liberals and progressives using ridiculous stereotypes, and erecting strawmen big enough to blot out the sun.

About the only thing he got right was progressives' tendency to wring their hands over how and whether the Republicans will "blast" them for policies the Republicans don't like.  It makes sense. Democrats and Bobo share a predilection for blaming the Dems for Republican intransigence and ignorance. They came out as Supply-siders, for God's sake. Their policies are absolutely toxic to the health of America and are best ignored when they aren't ridiculed.

Still, its their backers that have the cash.  Young progressive Bobo could never make the fat stacks that old, reactionary, strawman-erecting Bobo can. Ideals often melt away when they bring in the big sacks with the dollar signs on them.  Young Bobo's gotta eat, after all, and why not fight to preserve and extend widening inequality when you're on the wealthy side?

Shame, though. I would have liked to have met young, impressionable, liberal Bobo. I could tell him about everything that he'd become: about his goofy comb-over, goofy glasses, and goofy arguments based on a goofy ideology. I doubt he'd enjoy it. But after having old Bobo inflicted on us, I'm sure the rest of us would.

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