Sunday, July 18, 2010

Asking the Wrong People

The New York Times has a nice piece discussing what Obama needs to do to get re-elected, or (even better) hold the House this year.  Good idea.

Sadly, the Times' opinion of "balanced advice" is as bizarre as it is useless. You don't get useful advice from useless New Dem losers like Mark Penn and Harold Ford, whose policies will only jack unemployment even higher. You certainly won't get it from the Times' selection of wingnuts like Ari Fleischer and David Frum who are joyously concern-trolling their little black hearts out. That's all they have on offer.

You'd think they'd bother to add at least one actual progressive on there. Get Markos or Yglesias or Klein or someone that they can kinda-sorta call a progressive. Apparently not.

(No wonder Obama's in a bubble. Why emerge from it, when you all you have to read is that?)

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