Thursday, September 17, 2009

Snowe Might Back BaucusCare After All? (Also: MoveOn Mistargeting)

Snowe might be for it after all?

I'm wondering who's been leaning on her. Surely not the insurance industry, who absolutely love the bill as a massive, massive giveaway? Or "deficit hawks" who know that the cost of the whole thing will be dumped on the middle class?

A Republican backing the worst damned thing to come out of the Senate since the Dixiecrats. I'm only surprised there aren't more.

Edit: Oh, and MoveOn is apparently targeting Republicans with mean ads.

Whoopdy doo. They aren't the problem. At this point America would be better off with MORE obstructionist Republicans, since they would almost certainly vote for Max Baucus' "crush the middle class on behalf of my health insurance overlords" bill.

If MoveOn was serious, they'd be targeting Democrats, not Republicans. But then Rahm would get all shouty, since the White House has made it perfectly clear what their preferred choice is.

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