Friday, September 11, 2009

A Bit of Clarity

There's a lot going on right about how the public option is off the table.

So let's be perfectly clear. Right here, right now. Mandates without a public option are worse than what America currently has. No ifs, ands, or buts. All the laws against recission, against blocking reform, and even the medicaid expansion pale in comparison.

You want clarity? The government is going to force you to give money to a health insurance corporation. That's clarity. If there's a monopoly or oligopoly in your area? Too bad. If you have a moral objection to the heinous shit that they do? Too bad. If they offer crap coverage at terrible rates? Too bad. If their premiums are ruinous? Too bad. Pay up, suckers, the execs have corporate jets to buy.

You can't vote them out, because they don't listen to you, they listen to their shareholders. You can't avoid them, because they'll be there wherever you go: the scummy corps will quickly crowd out the good ones, as is ever the case with a captive market. All you can do is get your ass out of the country as quickly as possible, and find somewhere that has a sane health care system, crafted by people who think the middle ground isn't between Joe Lieberman and Joe Wilson.

The only people who benefit from this are health insurance execs and institutional shareholders. They know that, with crystal clarity. So should you.

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