Friday, November 16, 2007

"it almost looks like some chapters of the book are scolding others"

It should be noted that although I think the Rittenhouse Review featured the best blog post ever, that doesn't imply that Daniel Davies isn't a damned genius. Not when he's writing things like this, anyway.

(This is something I don't get, by the by. Why is it that heterodox economists have so much trouble getting heard when they seem to be--almost uniformly--better writers? The only orthodox economist that's anywhere near as good a read as Daniel is maybe Krugman, and he's only one man. Maybe it's because orthodox economics tends to attract people more comfortable with percentages than participles?)

Anyway, Dan's written a good review of what he calls a very subversive work of economic writing, so go read it. Then go read Halting State, because books written in the second person are indeed awesome.

Edit: I should add that this was within the context of a broader discussion on CT of said book on economics.

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