Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Iranian Casus Belli from Rubin

In order to prosecute the war, they need a casus belli. Might be a bit tricky, right? Here's Barnett Rubin again:

Final note: from a Cheney-Addison legal point of view, it does not matter if the entire Sepah-e Pasdaran (Revolutionarly Guards) or only the Qods Force is declared a terrorist organization. The Authorization for the Use of Military Force of September 18, 2001 authorized the use of military force by the President not only against terrorist organizations but against anyone harboring them. So if the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei refuses to hand over the commander of the Qods Force to U.S. custody, there will be a legal casus belli.
And there we go. No new legislation will be required, because Cheney (and his PR flack, Dubya) will just torture the definition of "terrorist" until it does what he wants it to.

That bit about Rove leaving because he didn't want any part of this becomes more plausible by the minute.

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