Tuesday, September 18, 2007

For Those Who Might Be Curious...

No, I have nothing to do with all those emails flying around about Michael Ignatieff's people supposedly throwing a by-election to make Stephane Dion look bad.

What I will say is this, though: if those people think that dumping Dion to get their man in will be in any way good for their party, though, they're delusional. Whether or not Dion was their favored choice, the fact remains that if he's tossed, whoever beats him will be presiding over a declining party at best. Not because of who he is, but because of what that represents: a party so unbelievably factionalized that the factions no longer care at all about the party's fate, so long as their faction's leader is the one wearing the captain's hat as the ship sinks.

Given the choice between Harper's governmental stability and a Liberal party that looks marginally less united than Iraq, the voters aren't going to pick the latter, no matter who's leading it.. That would be a shame, but that's reality.

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