Monday, April 16, 2007


There's a whole big hubbub going on over on Majikthise about a female blogger getting death threats, and where the line is drawn online between freedom of speech and the right to feel safe whilst speaking.

I wrote a fairly lengthy response over there on the issue; I won't reproduce it here, but feel free to check it out. And no, I didn't bring up Whatzisname.


Oh, and the quote-unquote "blogger's code of ethics" is simply best ignored. It will simply be a bludgeon used by non-blogger media types to take shots at bloggers, without addressing any real issues, and certainly without doing one whit to prevent stalking and intimidation. At best it will stop nothing, and at worst (including the bits about comments) it'll serve as a pretext for silencing frank discussion and debate. To her credit, Lindsay isn't a fan either. Nor are (as Lindsay states) "Kos, Bitch PhD, Pandagon, As I Please, just to name a few".

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