Monday, April 09, 2007

Same Ol'...

And, yet again, we receive ample proof that Canadian Liberal "insiders" have absolutely no interest in winning the next federal election.

I mean seriously. Look at this:

Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion told a gathering of supporters last night in Toronto that if the Prime Minister wants to force an election, the Liberals are ready.

He did not, however, mention the small problem of a campaign plane. The Liberals don't have one and, according to a source, are scrambling to find one after being turned down by Air Canada. Insiders say there is growing concern among Liberals that they will not be able to get one before an election is called...

...A source said a Liberal representative recently approached Air Canada about leasing a plane but was turned down. The source said the airline was already committed to the two other campaigns and did not have a plane or crew that could hopscotch the country several times a week during a hectic election campaign.
Why the hell leak this? It does absolutely nothing except make the party look inept. It isn't that critical a story (I'm sure this will get sorted out), and the only possible newsworthiness is "ooh, look at how disorganized them Libs are compared to Harper". Which, I suppose, is exactly what the "source" wants.

I'll say this for the Dems: they may fight like cats and dogs during the primary, but at least when they choose presidential candidates, they back them.

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