Thursday, January 25, 2007

Superstar Gore

So now, in addition to those sellout crowds in Idaho, we have the Rolling Stone writing fawning three page articles on how cool Al Gore is and how he should run for president.

I don't know if he's going to run. Maybe he is, maybe not. I'll say one thing, though: it's gotta be really great to be Al Gore right now. About the opposite of those Cheneys, I'd say.

I still think it'll come down to the Oscars. If he wins, if he gets up on that stage, he'll probably say he's running. I honestly CANNOT think of a better venue. Even if he didn't get either the nomination or the presidency, it'd be a moment for the history books.

(Certainly one for Youtube.)

the problem, though, is the same now as it ever was- that Gore's current status and popularity is a vivid and painful reminder of what could have been. Even the media that hates him almost certainly agrees that a Gore presidency would have been so much better for the country as to defy description. It's why that SNL moment was so bittersweet; An Inconvenient Truth, even more so.

Damned butterfly ballots.

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