Friday, January 19, 2007

Dear Jonathan Chait:

You don't get to proclaim, in your desperate attempt to attack those Iraq "doves" who were right about the war, that they're fighting "the last war".


The war isn't over yet!

You especially don't get the benefit of the doubt when you babble about that while, at the same time, babbling about how the opponents of this war were all opposed to the previous Iraq war, and the invasion of Afghanistan. There aren't actually all that many of those; most opponents of the current war supported Afghanistan as necessary, and would remind the Iraq war supporters that it is the resources sucked up by their war of choice that is handing Afghanistan back to the Taliban. In that and in so many other ways, the damage you war cheerleaders did by being wrong far, far exceeds any damage that those doves could have done.

Invoking the spectre of a "criminally negligent administration" doesn't get you off the hook either. Criminally negligent administrations require a criminally negligent media corps. Thus, it's still on your head, as much as you'd prefer otherwise.

Sorry, but you guys deserve everything you get. Just be happy you aren't Republicans.

Warmest Wishes,


bit of editing for spelling and whatnot.

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