Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Sunni Cleric killed in retaliation.

BAGHDAD, Iraq Gunmen in Iraq have killed a Sunni cleric in Baghdad as protests erupted following an explosion at a famous Shiite shrine.
The Iraqi Army says the cleric was sprayed with bullets as he entered a mosque.

Shiite leaders have been calling for calm following an early morning attack at a shrine in Samarra. But a leading Sunni politician says militants have attacked 29 Sunni mosques nationwide. He fears the situation could get "out of control."
It could. FAST. Sistani needs to redouble his efforts, and bring every Shiite imam in the country onside that he can.

Yes, the Shiites would win a civil war. They'd win a broken country, though, and endure instability for a very long time. They don't want this, and the imams need to make damned sure that everybody knows it.

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