Thursday, February 02, 2006

I'm With Bob Burnett

Watching you act like a package of vacuum-sealed weenies on national television has gotten old, Dems. Stewart was dancing around that issue last night on the Daily Show, but he knows, you know, and I know what it's really about: the consultant class, who are so frightened of "alienating" theoretical swing voters that they cajole otherwise decent public servants into dribbling pablum.

"There's a better way"? That's an election slogan, and election slogans don't do you any good if you aren't using them to back up a more concrete message that people can get behind.

(Just ask the Liberals.)

Kaine should have torn Bush a new orifice. Those Americans who could possibly ever vote for the Dems would have applauded him for showing some backbone in doing so.

(Note: that isn't all Americans. Die-hard hard-right movement conservatives would attack him. So? Alienating them is a good thing.)

Sadly, that's exactly what he didn't do.

Someday, I hope the United States gets an opposition party.

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