Friday, November 04, 2005


Apparently a majority of Americans now support impeaching Bush "if he did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq", according to Zogby. 51% of likely voters support impeachment, 53% of all adults.

Not sure if this is an outlier or not--Zogby has been criticized for that before--but it's still striking.

What else is striking is how weak the Bush White House seems to be now. It's still got three years left, but it feels already like the whole thing is effectively over. I can almost understand why the American public favors impeachment (aside from how utterly appropriate it is)...there's this sense in the air that the party is over and that Bush really just needs to go. Republicans are already starting to distance themselves from him, Democrats are clearly no longer afraid of him (even while they're still afraid of his supporters), and the cult of personality, as Paul Krugman pointed out, is long dead.

Even Alito appears to be simply a way of trying to keep the base happy and curry support by angering liberals.

On the other hand, maybe things will change when/if the troops leave Iraq.

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