Thursday, January 01, 2004

Riffing on an earlier post

One of the commenters in an earlier thread, where I said that there should be sites dedicated to providing information for "fact-checking" reporters, suggested a "Wiki".

I'm not quite sure if a Wiki would work(although I browse Wikipedia all the time), because I'd suggest a mechanism for verifying accuracy. The most efficient means to do it would be to follow the open-source method of having "module owners" to verify the knowledge... anybody could submit, but it would only hit the actual site after verification. Without that verification mechanism, it'd be patently simple for anybody to mess up the entire site over the course of an afternoon, and the battle to keep things "clean" would be more work than any verification scheme. A Wiki works great for something like the Wikipedia, but as a political tool... I'm not so sure.

I'd still welcome more ideas, though. Not blogs- although blogs are handy, I don't think they're the proper tool for this aspect. Tracking reporters, yes, but not the knowledge concentration aspect.

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