Sunday, January 11, 2004

Ailes Answers

I had been puzzling over the New Republic's endorsement of Lieberman, a candidate who stands almost no chance of election, but Ailes nailed it; it's a way of gently easing the way for supporting Bush in the fall. Ailes predicted a line saying "we didn't leave the Democratic Party, it left us"; he's not far off.

Well, with this and the full-court press against Dean, at least everybody knows now what's going to happen. Funny thing is, I still don't think the supposed "gaffs" are going to hurt Dean much, because the reaction will depend on which side of the polarized American electorate you sit on, and his army of volunteers (which present somewhat of a problem with the Iowa caucus issues) will start coming in handy for getting his spin out on the ground.

Which will be good, because it looks like the media is going to be extremely hostile. Looks like it'll be 2000 all over again, with Bush getting a free pass as long as he doesn't screw up too badly. Watching CNN spin the jobs report as "not a big deal because jobs are a follower, not a leader" was pretty instructive.

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