Saturday, January 04, 2003

Sigh. I knew this would happen.

Just to clear things up:

This guy? Steve Schwartz? He ain't me. Nor, for that matter, is this guy. (Although the latter did get a valued place on Instapundit's blogroll, so he's one up on yours truly when it comes to that "steps from Sullivan" ranking thing.)

Still, just wanted to clear things up. I haven't switched away from Blogspot yet. Tempted, sure, but not yet.

The first Demosthenes has a good piece on Japan, BTW, dealing with the possibility of a nuclear-armed Japan. Personally I consider it much less likely than he does; one of the few things that Tom Clancy got right in Debt of Honor was the absolute abhorrence with which the Japanese view nuclear weapons. A push by Bush to nuclearize Japan would crystallize Japanese public opinion against the United States. It could still therefore lead to a renewed Japanese interest in arming itself, of course, but I doubt that the Bush administration wants an armed and hostile Japan.

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