Friday, January 03, 2003

Hehe. I just saw the Two Towers a little while ago, so I can finally understandInstapundit's quotation of Sarah B.:
SOMEBODY IS INTO THE TWO TOWERS -- and especially Orlando Bloom as Legolas -- just a little bit too much:

On Friday night we saw The Two Towers, and when Legolas swung himself backwards onto that moving horse, I think I got pregnant.
Are you kidding, Glenn? You need to check out a few more message boards. It isn't even a female thing: I think the entire male membership of the Southing Awful forum has declared itself "gay for Legolas". Including the ones who hate Jackson's take on Faramir.

(For the record, I loved the movie, and didn't care one whit about the departations from Tolkien. Only thing I wish it had was more Ents, and I'm hoping the special edition will take care of that.)

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