Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Brad DeLong wrote about the best summary of that whole stupid Lopez/Burk business out there, noting that "The result, of course is that Lopez, Reynolds, and Porphyrogenitus are so busy slinging mud that none of them need to bother addressing the merits of Burk's case"... which was the entirely laudable goal of allowing women into Augusta National.

What killed me about all of this was Glenn Reynold's entirely unsubstantiated assertion that if a conservative tried to write parody or satire like this they'd get... well, he never really says, but it'd be something bad. I realize one of the raisons d'etre of Instapundit is to take cheap shots at the left by either taking things out of context, deliberately misinterpreting them or simply pulling the "I didn't say it, but somebody else might" gambit, but that doesn't mean it's not worth pointing out on occasion.

(Whatever happened to Instapunditwatch? There's been one entry in the past three months. Was the job of trying to fact-check IP simply too much work to handle?)

Edit: apparently, he's basing his assertion of general media trends on what he considers to be an overreaction to, um, a frat prank. I think that's even sadder than if he had just made the assertion and let it stand. Good discussion of this issue over in Brad's comments section, BTW.

Another Edit: Brad just said he was merely quoting Kevin Drum. Okay then, kudos to Kevin. Commentary thread over on Brad's site is still good regardless.

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