Monday, October 28, 2002

Ok, hopefully this one will work. For some reason I've been having an enormous amount of difficulties actually getting blogger to, well, blog. Don't know why, but there you go. Probably tied into the continuous "503 couldn't load template" problems I've been having that are resisting the usual fixes.

Anyway, just one quick note about this tidbit on the Note:

Let's see how much national coverage Tuesday night's memorial service gets. There are no indications that it is being planned for maximum political effect, but if the tributes to Senator Wellstone, which have flowed since Friday, are any indication, we'd imagine that there will be at least a 24-hour Democratic high.
Anybody else getting a Transmetropolitan-spawned chill down their back? For those that don't, ask someone that has read it about Vita Severen and "the Year of the Bastard".

Let's just hope that none of the rest of that scenario turns out to be Ripped From Today's Headlines.

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