Wednesday, October 09, 2002

May I just say that I love links from non-blog news sites. 1200 visitors and rising.

Thanks, The Register!

For those who are coming in from the Register, the actual post where I mentioned that PigeonRank (tm) had somehow placed me at the top of the Google listings is here. In case you're wondering who I am or what this is about, just check out this piece, although I've moved away from rebutting neocon bloggers and more towards political analyses, simply because the rebuttal of neocons by intelligent, insightful, and wickedly funny liberal bloggers is practically a cottage industry nowadays. (Warms my heart, that does.)

One sad thing about reading that, though: At the end of that initial post, I said "don’t worry, most of my blog entries will not be this long." If I had only known.

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