Wednesday, September 18, 2002

You know, it's kind of funny... every time I think the Bush administration can't sink any lower, they pull out something like this. Picking and choosing scientists to suit their pre-determined views isn't particularly surprising on the part of the administration that dismissed an EPA report as "just something from the bureaucracy", but this goes beyond simple bias to almost, well, post-modernism.

Yeah, Bush being PoMo seems a little weird. Think about it, though. How else could you describe the actions of someone who decides that they don't like the truth they've been presented with and go shopping for a different one? The only way that's even possible and remotely justifiable is if one believes that there is no ultimate truth that can be found, and that sounds pretty damned PoMo to me. If it were that the committees and scientists in question were accused of bias that'd be different, but that simply isn't the case, and the ones that are being brought out are by no means demonstrably more fair-minded.

Bush as PoMo. Who'da thunk it?

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