Saturday, September 14, 2002

I have just one thing to say about this whole messy business:

Whoever said that what a person blogs about has to reflect whether they're "fun" or not to any real degree? I mean, fer christ's sake, I might be a candy raver, Zizka might be a fixture in any given mosh pit,Henry Hanks might kill 'em during open mike night at the local comedy hole, and Tom Tomorrow might spend every waking minute having interesting sex with a variety of partners of varying genders and species...

...but that doesn't mean we're going to blog about it.

And for the record, acknowledging that Welch and Layne aren't lefties doesn't make us fun-killers. It means we don't like having the opinions of those we fundamentally disagree with counted as our own. Considering that 90% of what passes for ethical debate nowadays is usually the right calling the left names because of what a few of them say and repeating that "the only sensible lefties" are people that (like Layne and Welch) who happen to agree with them, it's kind of a sticking point.

Now I'm going back to the chill room to play with my glowsticks until the drugs kick in.

Edit: Two words:

Jon Stewart.

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