Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Well, it would appear that Tapped is starting to change their mind about conservative dominance:

Just in the past month or so, Tapped, Max Sawicky, and now Alterman have all emerged as bloggers. Not to mention the fact that we currently have a huge backlog of e-mails suggesting the names of numerous other liberal bloggers, many of whose sites we still haven't gotten the chance to check out. Not to mention that Josh Marshall and Mickey Kaus have been doing this forever. Could the notion of a "conservative" blogosophere be on the verge of becoming passe?

In a word? No. A few high-profile blogs are not going to stem the conservative tide online, although they'll certainly help. The notion that a conservative blogosphere is "passe" would be the best weapon that conservatives could ever wish for, because self-congratulatory liberals would think that parity has been achieved. There is no parity. There is no "passe".

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