Thursday, May 23, 2002

Right now on Crossfire, Tucker Carlson and Senator Bob Smith are both attacking Senate Democrats for being "obstructionist". The reason they give is, basically, that "they're frustrating the president's agenda". Aside from any factual inconsistencies, there's a basic problem:

Who the hell ever said that Democrats had to fulfill the president's agenda?

If they don't want to support Bush, that's Bush's problem, not theirs. The entire point of having a seperate, independent legislature is that they can and do "frustrate the president's agenda" whenever they want, and introduce their own agenda whenever they want. If they don't support missile defense (and I wouldn't blame them), then they not only have a right, but a duty to fight that. If the Republicans don't like it, tough. They stepped all over the Democrats when they controlled all three houses. The era of lying, scheming, and duplicious calls for "bipartisanship" is long over.

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