Saturday, November 02, 2002

Well, I'm back... for another quick post, at least. The computer problems that have been plaguing me should be solved pretty soon, and that'll be quite welcome... although it looks like it'll be after the election, which means that any plans I might have had for commenting on the election on this site are scuttled. Ah well.

Well, except maybe for commenting on the whole Wellstone funereal fiasco. Personally, I wasn't overly surprised by it, nor was I especially shocked or appalled by it either, although I can see why some people might (and don't really blame the fiercely independent Ventura for not being happy about it, either). Thing is, it's pretty damned obvious that all the manufactured outrage over this issue had precious little to do with the actual event and everything to do with which party the progeny in question were stumping for, so it can be reasonably put aside, I think. My personal take on that race is that Mondale will take it, BTW... the media reports I've read about it seem to imply that the Democrats are doing a good job of managing the switchover, and although I do question whether the debate on Monday will really be that useful for the Mondale campaign it's honestly running too late in the election to make a big difference.

Personally, the race I'm watching is McBride/Bush, with an eye on how the Haitian refugee issue is going to affect Haitian expatriate turnout. That could be a big boost for McBride, and the timing for that boost is huge. If McBride gets this seat, it'll be a big black mark on the Bush administration itself, and open up a lot of possibilities for the Democrats in Florida, which will likely be as important in 2004 as it was in 2000.

Anyway, thanks again to all of those who have sent their support. When I get things back to normal, rest assured the posting volume will go up to match. I might even take a crack at SDB's "mistakes don't matter" bit from around a month back, considering that I (to my very great surprise) found my personal correspondence ending up on his site. Yeah, it's an older piece, but it's an important point, one I want to address.

So until then, get out and vote on Tuesday, dammit.

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