Friday, November 22, 2002

Cripes, Finally.

In the wake of historic Republican victories on Election Day that many Democrats blame on their party’s lack of a clear message, Democratic lawmakers and consultants are calling for stronger liberal think tanks.

They say the party must find a counterweight to what they call the vast and well-funded infrastructure of conservative ideology.
No arguments here, although I've gotta wonder where the halls of academe are on this. The whole reason that conservative think tanks got off the ground is that they were getting all piss-and-moanish about how academia is too leftist, so why aren't the Dems taking advantage of what's there? They can't get that tight integration between think tanks and party that the Republicans get and will therefore still need to build up "movement conscious" think tanks, but they do have an advantage there.

Then again, maybe this is the big question:

Party allies even entertained the possibility of a liberal television network to offset Fox News, which they view as an adjunct of the Republican Party.
CNN certainly doesn't fit the bill, so maybe its time to mirror Faux. Sad in some respects, but perhaps inevitable.

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