Thursday, December 10, 2009

Then Again... (Followup to Last Post)

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For all the anger over health care, after Obama adopted a Bush/LBJ position on Afghanistan, why on earth should anybody have expected anything else?

The only negative part about kicking the Dems out is that the Republicans might get back in. But, honestly, both parties seem to get all of their direction from the far-right anyway. It's just that the Republicans acknowledge it, whereas the Democrats simply "triangulate" into doing whatever the wingnuts want them to do. It doesn't help progressives at all.

In fact, it's the entire reason for the word "progressive", since their pants-wetting terror at being called "liberal" is part and parcel with their craven cowering in the face of angry white wingers.

The worst part is that it won't help them, either. The Republicans are still going to oppose, the wingers are still going to hate, and the word "liberal" is still going to be poison. They're still going to lose seats thanks to their dispirited base. And because they either don't know, or don't care, they won't change their tune when they do.

Then again, perhaps they don't care. Perhaps all the cynics are right, and the Dems never really did care about anything but playing toady to whichever corporation promises them the greatest riches when they leave office. It's certainly how the Republicans play the game, and I suppose it was a mistake to believe that the Dems, in power, would be any different, even if the fate of the Union were at stake.

If you'll excuse me. I have to brush up on my Mandarin.

Edit: Yes, I'm aware that they're planning on extending Medicare to people 55+. That isn't going to help anybody who gets ill before the age of 55, it's only going to inflate the profits of the health insurance companies, and it's a ploy. It neatly cracks apart the interests of boomers—who are either 55+ or will be when this is is implemented—and younger Americans. It ensures that everybody over a certain age who was in this to benefit America will be forced to choose between their own interests and that of their country.

It's a crafty ploy. But that is all it is.

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