Monday, April 06, 2009

So Why Hasn't Iggy Spoken Up About Abousfian Abdelrazik

He's the human rights guy, right? And leader of the Liberal party, which prides itself on its positions on human rights, isn't he?

So why the hell hasn't he gone to bad for A Canadian citizen who has been exiled to Sudan, tortured, and refused re-entry by the Conservative government?

Yes, the Conservatives should be criticized for this. They are. What's surprising is that Iggy appears to have no interest in the issue, instead farming it out to Irwin Cotler.

And why aren't his party's bloggers calling him out on it? Kossacks would (and do) tear strips off Obama whenever he even feints towards pulling this sort of thing. I wouldn't expect anything from Whatzisname, he's never seen a civil right that didn't irritate him, but I'd hope for a bit more from the rest of 'em.

Every time I look at that party, it just gets a little sadder.

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