Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Collossus of Propaganda"

Sorry, Bill, but I'm really not feeling it. It's not anywhere near as good as The Mighty Wurlitzer:

Seem reminiscent of anything? Yep. Bill's projecting again, as conservatives so often do. Their own little archipelago has been (well, HAD been) a unified machine propelled by a few money men for decades, so it makes sense that they'd assume that the left works the same way. That obsession with Soros is a good example; they KNOW that Scaife bankrolls half of their movement, and so are constantly searching for a Scaife of the left.

(That Soros is Jewish just makes it that much more ironic and appropriate; the people who are always complaining about anti-semitism on the left are falling into classically anti-semitic paranoiac fantasies about eeeevil jewish bankers.)

As for Media Matters being a "smear machine?" Well, he'd know. But what's really neat about Media Matters is how incredibly frightened the right is of them. They're used to milquetoast progressives sitting opposite them in debate, so when they get someone who's knowledgeable and uncompromising, they don't know what to do. Media matters is mellow compared to its counterparts on the right; but because the strident opposition is on the 'wrong side', we end up with "smear machine".

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