Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Republicans and Demmycrats

So Barack Obama talked about helping a country in need, and how he was going to help, just like a good Democrat.

Meanwhile, Bobby Jindal lied his ass off about Katrina to serve his political ends. Just like a good Republican.

(In case you're wondering, it's that weird story he gave about how government was the problem during Katrina--no, really--because he saw how some people with boats were forbidden from helping. Problem is, he was nowhere near where he said he was at the time. He was in Baton Rouge. And the guy he says was there with him? Dead.

Besides that, though, it takes one hell of a set of blinders to think that the problem with Katrina was bureaucrats. Uh, no, Governor, it was your party's cronyism and incompetence. As usual, Republicans take their own complete inability to run a government and blame everybody else
Stay classy, Grand Old Party.

As for Obama? It really was a good speech. The education stuff was really powerful, and his call for all Americans to consider at least one year of post-secondary schooling or training provided a cutting edge to all that "national sacrifice" stuff we've been hearing.

I'm not happy about the comments about social security. He seems to be trying to play both sides by holding out the promise of social security privatization to Republicans and their various private-sector paymasters while assuring Dems and retirees that their pensions are safe from cutbacks. But most of the rest was good, if sombre.

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