Friday, June 27, 2008

Gunplay is A-Okay!

Just remember, kids: the Dems were responsible for this. The decision was 5-4: Alito, Scalia, Kennedy, Roberts, and Thomas. Two of these guys were Bush appointees. Both were appointed by a Democratic Senate minority so unwilling to fight the unified Republicans, or actually whip their caucus, that they ended up spewing out line after line of farm-fresh bullshit about "keeping their powder dry for the fight ahead."

For what, you might ask?

Damned if I know, considering they've been ridiculously ineffective as a majority too, because the Republicans actually know what a whip is for and they, clearly, don't.

So thanks, Byrd. Thanks, Pryor. Thanks, Landrieu. Thanks, Lieberman. Thanks, Murray. Thanks, Rockefeller. Thanks, Wyden. Thanks to all of you for Roberts' vote on this. And let's also thank the Democratic "gang of 14"; without you Scalia wouldn't have had enough hardliners on his side to get away with deliberately discarding half of the Amendment's language. Nelson, Landrieu, Inouye, Pryor, Salazar, and of course Lieberman: every reasonable gun law that gets tossed out thanks to this ruling might as well have been crossed out by your own pens. Good thing the Republicans didn't use that "nuclear option", huh? Then there would be no way the minority in the Senate could block the majority! The majority party could get things done!

So let's all remember their clearly deep, heartfelt commitment to the cause of the NRA, hmm? And what happens when you "keep your powder dry." Sometimes it blows up in your face.

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