Friday, October 19, 2007

Warm Fuzzly Feelings

What, don't you get them when you read a headline like Social Conservatives Meet, Their Options Cut by One, followed by a story about how the theocons are losing their minds over the thought that they won't have a standard-bearer in the upcoming election? Brownback's out, Tancredo's going nowhere, Huckabee has an amusing name but that's about it, Keyes is insane, Romney's one of those heathen Mormons and Rudy is, well, RUDY.

And, in many respects, the Republican race is about who's going to lose to Hillary (or, possibly, Obama) and take the blame for the massacre in the Senate. Who would want that job?

(Well, maybe John Howard. At least then he'd be a laughingstock for a party that doesn't mangle the word "liberal".)

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