Monday, July 02, 2007


Goddamn it. First Steve Gilliard, who was one of the best of us (no matter how you define it) and now James Capozzola. His brilliant site, The Rittenhouse Review, was one of the reasons I got over my intense distrust of this medium and started blogging back in 2002. To be blunt, it showed the brilliant potential of the medium more than Eschaton did, more than Kos did, more than ANYBODY did. He was also a faithful reader from the very start, and I enjoyed online discussions with him as much as anybody.

Like too many of us who have been around for a while, his posting frequency fell off; but what posts were there reminded me exactly why he was often my first and best read of the day. He was the only one that made me regret writing pseudonymous sometimes, because of all the bloggers I've ever read and corresponded with, he was the one that I most wanted to meet.

R.I.P. James. You will be missed.

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