Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wolfowitz is out

At the end, he did in fact resign, instead of being ignominiously shoved out the door. Here's hoping that the corrupt little man doesn't darken the door of another significant institution; his stamp on the White House will take a long time to clean off, and the World Bank was a troubled enough institution to begin with without ol' Pauly.

Unfortunately, his successor will be chosen by Bush, although I can imagine that if he's unacceptable to other World Bank members it'll be rough at best for Bush to push through another ideologue. He doesn't have much play in the Senate these days- international institutions are a non-starter.

(Hey, there's a thought. Remember when every second neoconservative was taking shots at the U.N.? Funny how that isn't anywhere near so prevalent these days, huh?)

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