Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hah! From Zero to Lack of Credibility in One Post

Like I said a few posts ago, I do retain some interest in Canadian liberal politics after the leadership battle. That means that, among other things, I read some Canadian blogs, including the always-interesting Calgrit.

In Calgrit's thread on the whole polling issue, as well as Jason Cherniak's, there has been a veritable carpet-bombing by one commentator by the name of Erik Sorenson. A quick scan of his site shows that the man has a serious hate-on for Stephane Dion.

Unfortunately, said quick scan also showed that he not only has no idea what a push poll is, he thinks David Suzuki is a terrorist.

Oh, and he also uses scare quotes for the Suzuki "foundation".

He's free to post wherever and whatever he wishes, of course. Still, I really don't think the Liberals should be taking political or policy advice from guys like this. File it in the round bin and move on.

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