Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Perfect Political Ad?

If this ain't it, it's damned close. And I mean "rivals Daisy" close.

(Yeah, another video. Everybody's doing it these days.)

Anyway, this ad is tremendous. Simple, elegant, and brutally effective. Even the veteran's somewhat unpolished delivery only lends it authenticity.

Kos called it the best ad this cycle, and is calling for Americans to give a little to the organization behind it, Vote Vets, so it can run in every state and district where the senator/congressman voted against the new body armor. I can't disagree, except to say that if anything he gives it too little praise.

(Fortunately, even if it doesn't get aired on TV, it'll be emailed, blogged, and linked like mad. Youtube and other embedded video outlets are, I think, going to turn political advertising upside down.)

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