Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not Afraid? No Doubt.

It's not news to anybody that Canada came face-to-face with a group of proto-terrorists who bought a lot of fertilizer in the hopes of building a bomb. Warren and (as can be seen on Cerberus) others are starting a "we are not afraid" campaign in response, similar to the British one.

The thing is, from what I've seen out of the Canadian media about Canadian reactions, the campaign is barely necessary. Canadians aren't afraid; far from it, they seem almost contemptuous of what many seem to think of as a pack of barely competent losers. This strikes me as the best way to demonstrate that Canadians aren't afraid- saying it only implies that it's even in question, whereas living it leaves everybody without a shred of doubt.

Certainly CSIS's star is shining brightly, though. If Canadians come away with this with nothing else, they'll come away with this with a renewed respect for their spy agency. That has both good and bad elements to it; the agency could use the support, but its past SNAFUs and the already weak polling numbers for civil liberties imply that it's important to subject it to scrutiny that Canadians may not be inclined towards.

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