Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Could it be... Fitzmas again?

Digby ties together the appointment of Fox New's John Snow as press secretary ("fair and balanced" is out the window, it seems) and the distinct possibility of Karl Rove being in real bad trouble.

We can 0nly hope, huh?

Oh, and he also mentions this column by Max Boot (and Kevin Drum's response) imploring the press to treat the WoT "as a battle of Good vs. Evil" and, therefore, give the president "the benefit of the doubt".

No doubt that there are a lot of "evildoers" among the Terrists. The "Evil" part is not really in doubt. Unfortunately, in the post-Abu Gharib/Iraq deception/"screw FISA and the rule of law" world, the "Good" part is kind of up for grabs.

You don't give anybody the benefit of the doubt if the battle is between two Evils. Ideally, you get rid of both of them. Laying out the reason why is precisely why Bush critics won all those Pulitzers, and why Max Boot is stuck pathetically whining about how mean they are to Dubya.

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