Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Easier Response

Edit: Heh. "Renopse". I haven't been blogging since I wrote this post, so I hadn't noticed the title issue. Almost tempted to leave it, but it should probably be made clearer.

A nice piece over at Crooked Timber debunks the ludicrous notion that the leak about NSA spying is as bad as Plamegate. He brings a lot of arguments to bear, but misses the easiest response:

Did it involve outing a covert agent? Did it endanger the lives of her contacts in doing so?


Then it isn't as bad. Simple as that.

(They're similar in one respect, though: they're both playing merry hell with Bush's credibility, and alienating him from the Republican party. I've been focusing on the Canadian election because I believe that the American political scene is currently at a low ebb in comparison to the vicious battle in Canada, but that doesn't change the fact that Bush is clearly flailing, and the Republicans with him.)

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