Friday, September 16, 2005

"Yard Apes"

Wow, you can probably smell the racism going on in the US right now from somewhere in Chile.

A Greenville Technical College official who twice referred to New Orleans evacuees in Greenville as "yard apes" has resigned, school officials said. Renee Holcombe, formerly an associate vice president for student services with a staff of about 40, told employees in two separate briefings last week that the school's aid for the mostly black hurricane victims staying at the Palmetto Expo Center would include sending yellow buses to pick up the "yard apes," said Barton and senior vice president Ben Dillard....
Story's on Crooks and Liars.

On the Bush speech: didn't watch it, been catching the reactions, though, and it looks like he's getting cover from pretty much everybody he's promised money to. Makes sense- they want turkee, and being able to nail the president on his "too little, too late" isn't worth poverty. The question is whether or not the media raises the question of why the hell Karl Rove is running this thing. Unlikely.

Meanwhile, can somebody explain to me why the "we'll nuke them before they nuke us" thing got practically no attention, especially from the big players? A technorati search brings up precious little, and a google blogsearch brings up a number of blogs, but few that are considered the "big blogs", whether conservative or liberal.

People can write about whatever they please, of course, but it is odd.

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