Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who Owns Definitions:

Jonah, you have absolutely no right or authority to say:

Here's what I do think. I think Sheehan has absolutely no sense of proportion or responsibility when she calls Bush a terrorist and a murderer or when she ascribes comic-book-villain motives to the administration. I think such rhetoric is appealing to a wide range of groups who practice similar rhetoric including, by the way, International Answer which no self-respecting liberal (as opposed to leftist) should have any association with. If I was being too glib by not spelling that out in my post, I apologize. But, I think Sheehan's PR operation -- including her water-carriers in the liberal press -- should no be surprised that they're attracting a broad Popular Front which includes a lot of disreputable and unpleasent elements. If you leave yourself no room, rhetorically speaking, between yourself and the crazies don't be surprised if the crazies respond to your rhetoric."
Bolding mine. Aside from the "if somebody listens to you, you're responsible for them" twaddle (which is pretty goddamned dangerous, considering who's listened to the National Review over the years), and the ironically simplistic jabs at "comic book-villain motives", Jonah Goldberg does not get to define who is, or is not, a self-respecting LIBERAL.

Sorry, no.

Point of fact, the biggest tipoff that a liberal is actually self respecting is that he or she will decide who they'll listen to, and not define themselves by what their ideological opponents define as "acceptable".

Have I mentioned this before? Sure.

It bears repeating.

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