Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Bush's press conference tonight was unbelievably bad. When he wasn't stammering or transparently dodging questions, he was looking astoundingly insincere about concepts (like grief for the 9/11 victims) that should have been impossible to fake! And that tie? Who vetted the tie? Fish markets don't have herringbones like that! The first and easiest rule of television, a medium that he's supposed to have mastered, gets completely forgotten!

In any case, this is also a note that due to a spam buildup at my other address, I've switched addresses to That should keep the harvesters off for a few weeks or two at least. Those of you who rely on that address, take a note of it.

(Once again, there's no affiliation between my humble site and either the views or works of Mr. Card or of the ancient greek orator.)

I was wrong, by the by, about those Japanese hostages. I really wish I hadn't been.

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