Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Wait a second... RUMSFELD is saying, live on CNN, that the U.S. should find out how "the Iraqis gained their weapon capabilities"? I'm having Memento flashbacks.

"Hi, I'm Donald. I have this condition..."

I also like the bit about the "flow of weapons of mass destruction and key personnel into bordering countries". Yep, definitely setting up for a push into either Syria or Iran, or both. It also neatly gets around the question of whether or not the WMDs existed in the first place, which the U.S. takes as a given, but which the rest of the world (and many within America, to be fair) find more than a little suspicious. It's funny, actually, because it's a can't-lose situation, as it's quite likely that Syria and Iran will have some form of chemical or biological weapons, and the U.S. could easily claim that they're transplanted Iraqi weapons, whether they are or not.

Come to think about it, it looks like I've just ferreted out the justification for "regime change" in the rest of the region. The United States has no legal grounds on which to take away anybody's chemical weapons (as it's not even a signatory to the treaty, last I checked), but if it can just claim they belonged to the Iraqis, that should be enough to keep the American public relatively onside.

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