Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Oh, and by the way, Stephen

For that matter, I also seem to have missed seeing any "alliance". (Maybe it's next to the support, under the sofa.) I see a lot of back-seat drivers, but the only nations which have acted like allies have been the UK and Australia.

You missed all the other countries that either gave material or moral support in Afghanistan, including the oft-ignored Canadians (who are also questioning the wisdom of attacking Iraq). It's also pretty damned instructional to note that the two leaders in question are Blair (who has been oft-criticized for being absolutely uncritical in regards to the Bush administration, but whose people are also questioning the wisdom of Iraq) and Howard (a loony neo-con that has his own reasons for a War on Islam.) Arguments from popularity are one thing, but the idea that only two countries among all the free world supporting the current version of the war on Islam(ism) says rather a lot, unless you're so arrogant as to think that American policy analysts are somehow granted special knowledge that, say, Canadians don't share.

It's absolutist and inane statements like this that continue to raise questions about how much warbloggers really care about the world outside the borders of the United States. Well, not so much a multitude of questions as a simple answer:

"Sweet fuck-all."

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