Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eliminationist Difference

Courtesy of Alicublog, we see Ann Althouse whining about how Paul Krugman is as "eliminationist" as the people he criticizes. What's the justification? Because he talks about shooting a "zombie lie" in the head.

Okay, Ann? Here's the thing. HIS comment was about a concept. It was about an idea. That's it. He's extending his zombie metaphor and referencing the way that people stop zombies.

Your commentators, on the other hand, are (just from a quick scan) suggesting that Prof. Krugman himself be raped and murdered. Not necessarily in that order. For suggesting that taxes should be more progressive.

THAT, friend, is the difference.

(Oddly enough, that isn't the part that annoys me. What truly annoys me is "democrat party". It really shows what a stupid, petty, childish bunch of passive-aggressive children these people can be.)

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