Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gore the Rock Star

AL Gore, that is, as we move on to actually important news.

Apparently, according to the Huffpo, Gore's latest talk in Idaho sold like hotcakes... "faster than Elton John", in fact. Makes sense- aside from being a strong defense of real science, An Inconvenient Truth was an example of the best damned presentation I've yet seen, and I know I'd love to see it in person myself.

Oh, and he got two Oscar noms: Best Doc, and Best Song for Melissa Etheridge's "I Need to Wake Up".

(And won't that be one hell of a performance in and of itself.)

Sure, the Oscar would technically go to the director of the movie, Davis Guggenheim. Let's be honest, though: the point of the movie is Gore and his presentation.

So why is this important? Because Gore and his movie have ensured that global warming and the science behind it has reached the mainstream. Heck, it's practically pop culture now. Even if Inconvenient Truth doesn't win (it's up against the fantastic "Jesus Camp" and several documentaries about the chaos in Iraq), global warming has now gone irrevocably Hollywood, in a way that the truly terrible "The Day After Tomorrow" never could have accomplished.

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