Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately.. no computer problems to speak of, just intensely busy with non-blogging work.

(Ah, to be paid for this...)

Most interesting story for me, right now, is the Geneva Accord, a symbolic "peace deal" between Israeli former officials and leftists and Palestinians who may or may not be connected with the actual Palestinian Authority. The Israeli right (and government) hates it, and it's unlikely that it will be adopted officially any time soon, but it provides some proof that negotiation is possible. Since it also is fairly clear in finding a solution to the "right of return" issue that the Palestinian leadership can accept (no actual return, but resettlement in the region and some financial compensation), it may provide the groundwork for a more realistic settlement.

Then again, with the spectacle of Minister of Tourism Benny Elon calling the leader of the Israeli delegation a "collaborator", and a refugee representative from the Palestinians saying that any agreement that doesn't involve a right of return is "dangerous" and "will not succeed"... perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

Then again a little optimism, (tempered with realism) may be a welcome change, no?

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