Friday, May 09, 2003

Poor Donald Luskin. It looks like he isn't a player after all. He had thought that his crusade (ably satirized by the good Professor here, had actually prevented Krugman from writing on the cuts.

Judging by the latest column, however, he was perhaps... a tad optimistic. In fact, it would seem he had little or no effect, judging by this paragraph:

Finally, as in 2001, we're being told that this tax cut will create lots of jobs. But why should we believe that? It's hard to find an independent economist who thinks that the Bush proposal would create the 1.4 million jobs claimed by the administration รข€” and as I've explained in this column, even that many jobs would be a poor payoff for a tax cut that big.
I'm sure this will prompt yet another NRO piece railing against Prof. Krugman. Unfortunately, it would appear that outside of the occasional Instapundit link and a few "Amens" from the long-converted choir, Luskin will remain yet another lonely pawn.

(And then there's Atrios, who brought down a Senate leader. Free tip: the Wurlitzer, and the Casio, only work if you actually know how to play them.)

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